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Name:Napoleon Solo
Birthdate:Mar 9
Location:New York, New York, United States of America

Napoleon Solo
Date of Birth: March 9, 1929
Place of Birth: New York
Country of Origin: USA
Military History: Sergeant US Army, Distinguished service 1945-1952
Draft Board Number: 13096944
Specialism: Larcenist – class A2, Safe Cracker - Level 9, EX1
Psychological Profile: Gambler – Backgammon (D3 control disorder; APA), serial womanizer
Other Notes: 15 years suspended sentences for robbery, handling stolen goods and serial theft of arts and antiquities.

Modern AU: Napoleon Solo is a physical therapist and a jewel thief.

Not Henry Cavill or Napoleon Solo. Just using his image for unprofitable role playing purposes. Mun and Muse way over 18!

Interests (7):

antiquities, art, art history, au: physical therapy nursing, jewlery, money, nice suits
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